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Create Custom Connector

wagmi has a number of built-in Connectors that cover support for tens of millions of wallets. If none of the built-in connectors work for your app, you can create a custom Connector. Creating a custom Connector is surprisingly easy to do.

Prerequisite: Decide What Type of Connector to Create

You can ask yourself the following questions to decide what type of connector to create:

  • Do you want to create a connector for an injected wallet (e.g. browser wallet or extension)? You can likely extend the InjectedConnector class. The MetaMaskConnector is a good example of this (check out the source code for more info).
  • Do you want to create a non-injected connector (e.g. wrap an existing SDK)? Both WalletConnectConnector and CoinbaseWalletConnector wrap underlying SDKs and are good examples of this. Continue reading to learn more!

Step 1: Extend Connector

Create a new class that extends Connector and implement required methods. Connector is exported by both wagmi and @wagmi/core packages.

import { Connector, Chain } from 'wagmi'
import { CoolWalletOptions, CoolWalletProvider } from 'cool-wallet-sdk'
export class CoolWalletConnector extends Connector<
> {
  readonly id = 'coolWallet'
  readonly name = 'Cool Wallet'
  readonly ready = true
  #provider?: CoolWalletProvider
  constructor(config: { chains?: Chain[]; options: CoolWalletOptions }) {
  async getProvider() {
    if (!this.#provider) {
      this.#provider = new CoolWalletProvider(this.options)
    return this.#provider
  // Implement other methods
  // connect, disconnect, getAccount, etc.

Step 2: Use Connector

Once your custom Connector class is set up, you are ready to use it! You can plug it in anywhere built-in connectors work.

import { createConfig, mainnet } from 'wagmi'
import { CoolWalletConnector } from './CoolWalletConnector'
const connector = new CoolWalletConnector({
  chains: [mainnet],
  options: {
    // Custom connector options
const config = createConfig({
  connectors: [connector],

Step 3: Share With Others

Congrats! You created a custom wagmi Connector! Others might benefit from this work and knowledge. You are welcome to publish your custom Connector as a standalone package or tell folks about it by creating a new GitHub Discussion.

If the Connector covers a unique/useful use-case and enough folks are interested, it might make sense for your custom Connector to be built into wagmi. You can start a new discussion to tell us more about the use-case, and why it should be included. It's not always possible to add new built-in connectors to wagmi as they increase the surface area for the core team, but it could make sense!